Coral Forest IFF_53We are all corals now                   …wonky and wild!  

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In a year when the world has experienced its worst coral bleaching event on record, the Crochet Coral Reef project creates understanding about maths, climate change, art, community and science.

“Nature is inherently aberrant, it’s off kilter, it’s not mathematically precise … and it’s the same with hyperbolics … there a lot’s of hyperbolic-like things in nature such as the surfaces of corals and kelp and sponges and lettuces and cactus’, but none of them are mathematically pure.” These woolly structures have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious art galleries and science museums in the world.

Margaret Wertheim, science writer, author of books on the cultural history of physics and cofounder, with her twin sister, Christine, of the Institute for Figuring … here, in conversation with Alexandra de Blas on ABC Radio National.

MiHaven is a social enterprise that supports chronically unemployed indigenous Australians to enter long-term sustainable employment in construction and related industries. An operating construction company and registered training organisation, MiHaven achieves social change driven by industry initiative and innovation.

A loan from Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA) enabled them to pilot the MiHaven Property Fund, and Mihaven and SEFA were a finalist in the 2015 Social Enterprise Awards’ Social Enterpise Investment Award category.

Alexandra has profiled MiHaven, and the story of how SEFA’s loan made the project possible, across print and video (above).


Alexandra was invited to open the Night Parrot exhibition, curated by Catherine Benz, at the Delmar Gallery in Sydney.

The exhibition featured works from Hayden Fowler, Mandy Martin, and David Watson.

Alexandra created a short corporate video in which SEFA CEO Ben Gales explains the enterprise’s mission and values.

The video is part of a suite of corporate communications products Alexandra created for SEFA which included website and newsletter copy, case studies of successful projects, press releases, and marketing collateral which introduced the organisational brand and story to potential investors and borrowers.

As part of her ongoing work with the Gardiner Foundation, Alexandra regularly writes for The Australian Dairyfarmer magazine, showcasing the Foundation’s impact in the dairy sector. Below is an example of a recent article which helped translate complex genomic research into a practical article of interest to dairy farmers.

DairyFarmerArticle DairyFarmerArticle2

The coal and unconventional gas industries are expanding massively in Australia driving climate change and harming our health. The Human Cost of Power explores the health impacts associated with this expansion. The full length version is also available for viewing online.

Futurist Alex Steffen explains how you can change absolutely everything without leaving town, together with a bunch of innovative green builders from Melbourne.

The Karrkad-Kanjdji Trust is an innovative organisation raising funds to support the environment, people and culture of West Arnhem Land.

It spans two million hectares and is helping to forge a new future for land management in Australia.

If you’re fit and sporty and tired of wearing glasses or contacts check out lasik surgery at the Sydney Eye Specialist Centre with Dr Richard Smith the ‘surfing surgeon’.


Sooner or later just about all of us will need the services of an eye specialist.

No matter who you are, if you’ve got eye problems you need a eye surgeon whom you can trust.

The combination of eyecare excellence, state of the art technology and elegant design at this centre is an exquisite example of what is possible in day surgery in Australia.