Climate Change

We are all corals now                   …wonky and wild!   listen to Science Show audio                    view transcript In a year when the world has experienced its worst coral bleaching event on record, the Crochet Coral Reef project creates understanding about […]

The coal and unconventional gas industries are expanding massively in Australia driving climate change and harming our health. The Human Cost of Power explores the health impacts associated with this expansion. The full length version is also available for viewing online.

Futurist Alex Steffen explains how you can change absolutely everything without leaving town, together with a bunch of innovative green builders from Melbourne.

Professor Frank Fisher, the respected sustainability advocate, academic and social activist died in 2012. Alexandra de Blas presents a tribute to Frank Fisher. Read more at the Understandascope website or download Everyday Transcendence: the influence of Frank Fisher — a PDF tribute paper.


We often hear about a zero carbon future, but is it really possible? What is already happening in Australia and around the world? Experts Paul Gilding, Giles Parkinson and Prof Mike Sandiford speak with Alexandra de Blas about the latest developments.


Climate scientists have used data collected over decades to reconstruct the climate over 1000 years. The last 50 years were the hottest and human pollution is a key temperature driver. Alexandra de Blas speaks with lead author Dr Joelle Gergis, about the findings, on the Science Show on ABC Radio National.