Alexandra is an experienced print and radio journalist, who has worked extensively across science journalism, rural affairs and agriculture, climate science and climate change impacts, and social and environmental sustainability.

Early work as a journalist

Between 1987 and 1997 Alexandra was a Rural Reporter for ABC Rural Radio in Queensland (Longreach, 1987-89), Tasmania (Launceston, 1989-92), and Victoria (Shepparton 1996-97), and was a Country Hour Presenter on ABC Rural Radio in both Tasmania (1989) and Victoria (1996).

A specialist in science and environmental journalism

Alexandra has a knack for taking complicated scientific concepts and research and finding the journalistic story within. Alexandra’s eight years as the Presenter of Earthbeat, the ABC’s weekly environment show, and her long involvement with CSIRO’s Ecos magazine are testament to her ability to turn complex scientific and climate change issues into engaging experiences for readers and listeners.

Examples of Alexandra’s journalism

Below is a selection of Alexandra’s work across numerous publications, topics, and specialist areas:

Frank Fisher, the respected sustainability advocate, academic and social activist died in 2012. Alexandra de Blas presented A Tribute, Special Broadcast, ABC RN 20 January 2013

To a Clean Future Guilding, Parkinson, Sandiford, SlowTV, The Monthly, October 2013.

Rising temperatures across Australia, The Science Show, ABC RN 26 May 2012

Interview with Paul Hawken at The Wheeler Centre Melbourne 

The National Business Leaders Forum: Leading the Sustainability Business, Ecos, 161, July –Aug 2011

New Intelligence on Saving City Stormwater, Ecos, 159, March 2011

Species Rose Tour January 2011 A journey through cultural and botanical history of the rose at the Heritage Rose Garden in the exquisite Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens in the Adelaide Hills. Rose Luminaries Walter Duncan and Dr Brian Morely are our guides.

Ground Breaking Models give Fragmented Landscapes New Hope, Ecos, 158, Dec-Jan 2010/11

Antarctic Penguin Colonies Threatened by Changing Climate, The Science Show, ABC RN 13 Nov 2010

Cleaning Up Storm Water, By Design, ABC RN 18 Aug 2010

Science Sceptics and Spin: Framing the Climate Change Debate, Ecos 156 Aug-Sept 2010

Engaging Visions: The Exhibition, Artworks Feature, ABC RN,  12 Sept 2010

Making the Shift from Consumerism To Sustainability Ecos 153 Feb-Mar 2010

Ozone Layer Wind Shifts Create Moment of Grace, Ecos, 153, Feb-Mar 2010

Sherpas Report Glaciers Going, Going, Gong Science Show, ABC RN, 30 Jan 2010

The REDD Scheme: The REDD Approach to Protecting Green Carbon Ecos 151 Oct-Nov 2009

Decline of Birds in Victorian Forests, Science Show ABC RN 5 Dec 2009

Climate Action and Social Justice: Acting in Good Faith Ecos Oct-Nov 2009

Australia’s Safe Climate Vision Future Tense, ABC RN, 23 July 2009

Sustainable Commitments Insulate Financial Leaders Ecos 149 Jun-Jul 2009

Engaging Visions, Artworks Feature , ABC RN, 9 Nov 2008

Healing by the Community Spirit, Ecos, 145 Oct-Nov 2008

Climate Code Red: the Case for Emergency Action, Ecos, 144 Aug- Sept 2008

Earthbeat ABC RN Weekly Environment Show presented by Alexandra de Blas 1997-2005