Dr Jackson Katz

Is the all pervasive pornography culture affecting your relationships?

Dr Jackson Katz visited Australia as part of the Victorian Women’s Trust’s ‘Be the Hero’ campaign. View extended interview here.


Wolfgang Kissel, CEO, MGW Homes

Check out leaders at the cutting edge of sustainable design in Australia. Mike Hill from Westwyck, Brendan Condon from Climate Positive and Cape Patterson Ecovillage, Danny Almagor CEO of Small Giants, The Commons Apartments, (publisher of Dumbo Feather Magazine) and Wolfgang Kissel bringing leading German design & technology to sustainable home construction to Australia.

Sustainable Homes Part 1


The ruggedly beautiful environment of Cape Paterson: the setting for a new ecovillage. Credit: Cookaa/Wikimedia Commons

Cost can often be a turn-off factor when it comes to sustainable building. But, a Victorian study suggests the tables are turning — building green can take years off the average mortgage and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Get the full story at Ecos — Science for Sustainability.


In celebration of the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives 2012, bankmecuTV profiles Dame Pauline Green, Chair of the UN Advisory Group for the International Year.

Co-operatives are certainly not ‘business as usual’ says Dame Pauline. “They are a huge global movement of ‘people centred businesses’ with a social agenda. There are one billion member owners of co-operatives across the world and hundreds and thousands of co-operatives globally … together they employ 100 million people.

“The largest 300 co-operatives, alone, are worth 1.6 trillion US dollars, equivalent to the GDP of Spain the world’s 9th largest economy. The co-operative’s time is now”, she argues. “They can be a powerful catalyst for change and will play a critical role in ushering in a new era of socially responsible business”.


Paul Hawken at the Wheeler Centre

Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist and author.

Since the age of 20, he’s dedicated his life to sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. Speaking at the Wheeler Centre with Alexandra de Blas, Hawken discusses his work, his writing and why this era is “not remotely close to capitalism, in a pure sense of the word.”

Watch and listen to the extended interview here. Hear Paul’s remarkable story about an ice cave six stories below ground in North Greenland at 44 mins 15 secs.


Red-tailed black cockatoos

A wildlife charity donates a quarter of a million dollars to bankmecu’s award winning Conservation Landbank. This provides biodiversity and carbon offsets for customers and a home for the endangered Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo. View the video here.