Carbon farming: QLD’s $500M Land Restoration Fund

The Queensland Governments world-leading $500 million Land Restoration Fund (LRF) has had its first major funding round in 2020.

The carbon farming industry is creating new jobs and economic opportunities as it helps Australia meet its Paris climate commitments.

Read more about how farmers and graziers can get involved and boost their carbon farming programs in this advertorial written for AgriProve by Alexandra de Blas.

This series of videos explaining carbon farming in Queensland were produced by de Blas Communications in 2018 as part of a two-day summit organised by the Carbon Market Institute and the Queensland Government.

They are equally relevant now for farmers who would like to engage in projects under the LRF.

de Blas Communications also co-ordinated the media and communications for the summit, including this interview with the chief executive of the Carbon Market Institute, Peter Castellas, on RN Breakfast.