Crochet Coral Reef

Coral Forest IFF_53We are all corals now … wonky and wild!  

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In a year when the world has experienced its worst coral bleaching event on record, the Crochet Coral Reef  project creates understanding about maths, climate change, art, community and science.

“Nature is inherently aberrant, it’s off kilter, it’s not mathematically precise … and it’s the same with hyperbolics … there a lot’s of hyperbolic-like things in nature such as the surfaces of corals and kelp and sponges and lettuces and cactus’, but none of them are mathematically pure.” These woolly structures have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious art galleries and science museums in the world.

Margaret Wertheim, science writer, author of books on the cultural history of physics and co-founder, with her twin sister, Christine, of the Institute for Figuring here, in conversation with Alexandra de Blas on ABC Radio National.