Public Relations

de Blas Communications provides communications strategy and public relations support to organisations committed to social and environmental sustainability.

Established experience

  • Public relations, communications and marketing
  • Strategically raising media profiles and building brands with integrity
  • Copy writing, production of annual reports
  • Video and audio production
  • Event management and fundraising
  • Stakeholder management, partnership brokerage and crisis management
  • National and international keynote speaking including at events and conferences


Alexandra de Blas does ongoing communications work for AgriProve, a soil carbon solutions company and startup. Alexandra provides communication strategy for the organisation, co-ordinates media events and produces content, including corporate videos, about its work.

She has also achieved media coverage across a number of outlets about AgriProve’s work including on ABC’s Landline program, RN Breakfast, Channel 7 News and industry publications.

Carbon Market Institute

de Blas Communications produced a series of corporate videos for the Carbon Market Institute, a peak industry body for businesses working to transition to net-zero emissions.

The videos were released to coincide with the institute’s Carbon Farming Industry Forum 2018, for which de Blas Communications also co-ordinated communications and media. Media coverage including an interview with the institute’s chief executive on RN Breakfast.

There have been some developments since this work was commissioned. Queensland’s Land Restoration Fund is now operational with the 2020 investment round complete. The average price for Australian carbon credit units at the tenth auction in March 2020 was $16.14 per tonne of abatement.

But this series of videos is still relevant in explaining how carbon farming works as well as its environmental, social and indigenous co-benefits.

Climate and Health Alliance

Alexandra directed and edited a short film, The Human Cost of Power, which examined the health and climate impacts of the massive expansion of coal and unconventional gas in Australia.

The film was commissioned by the Climate and Health Alliance and Public Health Association of Australia and screened at climate and health conferences as well as film festivals in Rome, Geneva, Venice, Warsaw, Paris, Calcutta, Sydney and Melbourne. Watch the full length film here.

This film was made in 2013, prior to the re-emergence of black lung disease, which was thought to have been eradicated in Australia. It was also shortly before the Hazelwood coal mine fire which caused significant adverse health affects in the surrounding community. But the health issues raised in this documentary remain pertinent in light of ongoing discussions about the expansion of coal and gas in Australia.

Bank Australia

de Blas Communications partnered with Bankmecu, renamed Bank Australia in 2015, for four years to promote its work in sustainability as well as financial and social responsibility.

The bank invited her to establish BankmecuTV in 2011. It required her to do everything from interviewing, to shooting and editing in order to produce videos about its partnerships, products and community programs.

Sydney Eye Specialist Centre

de Blas Communications produced a number of corporate videos for the Sydney Eye Specialist Centre to explain the best treatments available and give potential clients a look inside the clinic.

Bush Heritage Australia

Alexandra de Blas was the inaugural Communications Strategist and a senior manager at Bush Heritage Australia from 2005–08. She was responsible for re-branding the organisation and increasing media exposure by more than 500%.

She ran property launches across the country and in remote outback locations as well as creating promotional videos including the clip below profiling the Yourka Reserve.

Alexandra’s work achieved quality media coverage including front page coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald, a six-page cover story in The Good Weekend as well as TV features on the ABC’s 7.30 Report, NBC USA Nightly News and CNN International Eco Solutions.